Sunday, June 27, 2010

The state I love has an incompetant moron as governor.

Washington's governor is ridiculous. Christine Gregoire met with a local reporter who broke a story about 1-2 million dollars in waste in the state ferry system by self instituted overtime and special benefits not guaranteed by workers in their union contracts. She stated that she didn't know about the story (had been on TV dozens of times with followups - everyone knows about it in the Seattle area) because she doesn't have time to watch TV. She stated that if there were laws broken she would have the Attorney General look into it. I guess waste is OK if it is not illegal.

1-3 million dollars is no big deal to her. When she was the state's Attorney General, her office cost the state 6-10 million dollars in multiple cases when her office failed to have lawyers show up in court for cases where the state was sued. Washington, you should be ashamed for voting this moron into office. Even if it took multiple recounts to put her in office, it should never have been that close. I guess that people vote party lines without doing any research, even if the research is out in basic news.

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